Jim Menard(non-registered)
Looks like a monthly treasure hunt...very creative...well done... Jim
Ronald Webb(non-registered)
Glad to see you and Barbara are posting your projects on Zenfolio. You have inspired me to for many years. Thank you for sharing your vision and photographic talent!
Keep them coming Sam...makes me think of what I would do for the topics. Love your ideas.
Sam, as always enjoy looking at all your images. You're amazing!!! Keep them coming.
Clare Burt(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures of Cuba and happy memories. Thanks for sharing.
Shelley Stone(non-registered)
Hi Sam, Thanks so much for sharing. Burning Man was amazing, I loved it. I see what you meant about the dust-yikes. But I noticed you used it to your advantage, of course!
Hanna Barsam(non-registered)
Enjoyed very much revisiting Death Valley area via your excellent photographs, but wish you included brief captions identifying some of the places or things.
On my next visit to your site I will check out the Highway 395, Eastern Sierras.
Marc & Roberta Wilkins(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your photo albums.
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